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If you feel the need to:
try to find some visual form of expression
develop your creativity
learn to observe, interprete and draw nature 
Or you have an idea to study visual arts and you need to prepare for those terrifying exams at Art Academy, you have no idea how to start, no confidence, no money, no hope… Or you have all of this but you just really want to draw – come to Atelier in Ostriga!

I Academic course
The course of academic drawing and painting. Exemplary tasks: still life, model, lineal drawing, composition, chiaroscuro. Tasks will gradually become more complex in order to provide appropiate development of each participant. Dedicated especially to students of last grades (secondary school), who would like to prepare for exams for Art Academy. Suitable also for everybody else who would like to learn drawing in academic manner.
Course in 5-persons groups, 4 hours, once a week.
Limit of applications: 10 persons
Entrance: 10 EUR per month/person (the price covers the cost of supplies)

II Creative course
Main goals of this course is to encourage to creative thinking, stimulate imagination and find forms of self expression. That could be done by observation and interpretation of the surrounding nature and becoming familiar with different art techniques.
Could be helpful also as a supplement for participants of the Academic course. Therefore, it is dedicated for everybody interested in general artistic development (in visual arts), willing to find ways to express themselves.
Course in 5-persons groups, 4 hours, once a week.
Limit of applications: 5 persons
Entrance: FREE

Both courses will be focused on drawing techniques. Those of you, who are interested more in painting – be patient! Painting might be continuation of this course later on. The exact schedule and programme of course will depend pretty much on your needs.

My name is Joanna and I am an EVS volunteer in Skofja Loka. A year ago I had completed a Master Dergee in Fine Arts (Printmaking) in Poland. My main forms of expression are: drawing, painting and printmaking. I would like to use an opportunity to share my passion and skills with those who would like to develop in creative fields.


Contact me via e-mail:

Please, include: your name, surname, age, grade, the name of the course you are interested in (academic/creative) and the reason why you’d like to participate (applying to Art Academy/ a will to develop in visual arts in general etc…), which days and hours would you have time to participate.
In response you will receive an information about the organizational meeting (in first half of October) and possible weekly schedule. If you have any questions, do not hesistate to ask!

We are starting in October, so please, send your application as soon as possible!




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