Nalaganje Dogodki
  • Ta dogodek je že mimo.

FREE FOOD IS GOOD BUT ANIMATION AND VIDEO IS BETTER je serija dogodkov, posvečenih animacijam, videom in ostalim zadevam, ki nevemo kako bi jih opisali. It’s ART!

During following months in Ostriga we would like to present creative output of young generation in the
field of film. You will have an opportunity to become familiar with artistic works of slovene and foreign
creators, realisations that bring nearer foreign cultures, history and… a lot of stuff :).
We are starting in February with presentation of videos and animations coming from different countries that were submitted by creators with various backgrounds and approaches. Each of works has individual character and form. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to meet one of the creators in person. His name is Owen Martel and he will tell us about his extraordinary travels. Details below:

Owen Martel
In 2011, Owen Martel walked across Europe. In 2013, he walked across North America. Then he walked
across South America last year. If you like unusual travel in unusual places, come to Ostriga for a
presentation and conversation about traveling the world one step at a time. Adventure. Romance. Wild
animals. Truly dangerous amounts of chocolate. Strange things happen when you walk 15,000

Adrianna Jarzębowska, Poland
Antonia Bañados Ramírez, Chile
Diego Cumplido, Chile
Arrano Production, Slovenia
Domen Vinko, Slovenia
Karol Szczepankiewicz, Poland
Mia Paller, Slovenia
Žoel Kastelic, Slovenia
Jele, Poland
Owen Martel, USA

24 February, 7PM
vstop prost!


24. februarja
19:00 - 23:59